On-going Projects/initiatives:

  • Wi-Max of Nepal Telecom via AirSpan
  • Ncell BTS &MW Installation & Commissioning in MWDR thru Huawei in MWDR/FWDR
  • NTA Mobile payment Regulations - Consulting Project
  • NST NSS and BSS Managed Service O&M – FLM (thru Huawei)
  • LTE 4G design for ISPs/self
  • Setting up JV in Myanmar for offering Telecom services
  • Site survey, acquisition and installation & commissioning of NST Phase II Project. Targeting up to 50 sites.
  • Nepal Telecom 10 Million Line GSM Project – Discussions with Huawei in progress. Target up to 500 sites. Assurance from NT senior management!
  • UTL GSM: Up to 300 sites. Other: NCELL FLM
  • NTA: Various project of next fiscal year – Monitoring, NP consulting
  • Advanced Telecom Training for Engineers

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