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Project Management

Presales consultancy

Himtel's experienced presales consultants are trained to analyze and advise a client in order to help the client make the best possible choices. Our consultants evaluate a business model and help the client develop a plan to meet those strategic goals.

RF Planning & System Dimensioning

Himtel’s mission is to empower the deployment and optimization of wireless technologies: reducing complexity while improving network performance. Our specialized experience and services enable our clients to excel in Radio design, Cell planning and Mobile Network Optimization. Our design for cellular and wireless networks ensures usage of fewer sites, maximum coverage, easy and faster deployable network and low installation costs.

We plan the most cost effective deployment of new radio base stations, cell sectors, and overlay technologies. Some of the steps involved are as follows:

  • Nominal planning using Aircom Tool
  • Determination of BTS site location (coordinates)
  • Determination of BTS configuration
  • Determination of Tower height, Antenna height
  • Line of sight check for Microwave Radio
  • System dimensioning of BSC/MSC (Trunk, E1, Cabinet, Rack)

Site Survey and Acquisition

This activity is start up activity of the site build up. Identification and acquisition of site within search ring with legally cleared and competitive rent is prime objective of site survey and acquisition team.

  • Based on nominal planning coordinates, we carry out survey, locate or relocate the site
  • Double-check/Recheck or confirm line of site with Mirror test with planning team
  • Confirm site location for GBT or RT Tower
  • Negotiate with landlord or VDC or municipality or Forest dept to acquire the site
  • Negotiate site rental – price, payment terms based on Telco guidelines
  • Sign the contract

Civil Works & Tower Erection

Civil works is the installation of the infrastructure which will house the electrical cables and equipment including civil survey of building/ground sites, layout drawings, structural suitability study for building sites and foundation design preparation and tower erection.

Installation & Commissioning

Himtel understands the value and significance of quality installation, pathing and testing of GSM and Microwave technology. Telco equipment installations require experienced engineers/technicians that are qualified and trained in state-of-the-art testing equipment for prompt set up and optimal performance. Himtel employs trained professionals in industry best practices to accommodate each vendor’s own specifications and requirements for seamless telecommunication equipment installations.

Due to the rapid growth in the field of telecommunication, sites enhancement and modernization for the purpose of sites reconfiguration, enhancing coverage or upgrading, Himtel has developed a full fledged suite of I&C services that caters to the whole country. Services vary from initial installation, systems modification/replacement to complete site reallocation. To date our teams of highly trained and certified engineers have successfully installed and commissioned many sites with diversified geographical flavours across the various development regions of Nepal.

These works include:

  • Site Installation: Civil Work, Equipment Installation, routing and Integration
  • Sites Reallocation: Dismantling and installation in of sites and MW links in new sites and different location
  • Site Dismantling: Unfixing cabinets, MW links and cables
  • Site Survey: Identifying numbers of cabinets, types of batteries and site configuration & routing
  • Site Acceptance: Ensuring quality of site, cabinet fixations, connections and proper isolation
  • 3G Expansion: Increasing connections and replacing old ones
  • MW Links I&C: Complete Installation, Commissioning and alignment of MW links

After identification of site, Himtel has the expertise to proceed with installation and commissioning of a Base Transceiver Station (BTS). BTS is a piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment (UE) and a network. UEs are devices like mobile phones (handsets), WLL phones, computers with wireless internet connectivity, WiFi and WiMAX devices and others. The network can be that of any of the wireless communication technologies like GSM, CDMA, Wireless local loop, WAN, WiFi, WiMAX and others.

Installation & Commissioning of BTS Equipment

Scope of work:

  • Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND
  • RFI check along with ensuring the site permissions
  • Material reception at the sites and checking as per packing list. Intimate to the customer in case of any deficiency
  • Hoisting of GSM/CDMA antennas on tower as per TND/RND
  • Clamping and routing of RF cables from Shelter to Antennae
  • Grounding the Antennae and RF cables at appropriate place
  • Ensuring drip loop/Z loop at cable entry plate
  • Ensuring no sharp bend on RF cables
  • Fixing OGB
  • Weather proofing
  • Fixing EMPs/Surge arrestors along with connectorization in shelter
  • Grouting the BTS
  • Extending, power cables, E1 cables, grounding cables to BTS
  • Fixing IGB and extending grounding to all peripheral equipment
  • Fixing DDF
  • Installation of Battery bank and rectifier
  • Installation of internal cable tray
  • Installation of indoor jumpers
  • Checking VSWR
  • Switching on the equipment
  • Commissioning the equipment as per defined procedure
  • Power measurement
  • Filling the check list and execution of quality audit

MW Installation and commissioning

Scope of work:

  • Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND
  • RFI check in near end and far end besides ensuring the site permissions
  • Material reception at both ends and checking as per packing list and intimate the customer in case of exigency
  • Assembling and hoisting of MW antennas & radios on tower in both ends as per TND/RND
  • Clamping and routing of cables from Shelter to Antennae in both ends
  • Grounding the antennas and RF cables at appropriate place
  • Fixing Transmission rack if required in both ends
  • Installation & Commissioning of IDUs in shelters
  • Alignment of MW antennas till we achieve required receive level
  • Grounding, weather proofing and labeling all cables in both ends
  • Acceptance test

BSC/STP/SDH/DWDM/PTN/XDM/DLC/FSO/DSLAM Installation and commissioning

Scope of work:

  • Receipt of site information from customer along with TND/RND
  • RFI check at the site besides ensuring the site permissions. Sending the SDR to customer
  • Material reception and checking as per packing list and intimate the customer in case of exigency
  • Grouting the equipment rack and inserting all required modules as per the manual/layout drawing
  • Interconnection with appropriate cables/jumpers
  • Grounding the equipment
  • Installation of DCDB and extension of power to the equipment
  • Installation of DDF and extension of E1s to the equipment by Kroning
  • Installation of optical cables if required and measurement of power
  • Switching on the equipment and commissioning as per the procedure
  • Allotment of given IP address and extension of services to the subscribers
  • Preparation of AT document and sign off


Technical training is given to our customers so that they can accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components required to monitor and troubleshoot the installed sites.

Support & Maintenance

With their geographically dispersed sites, Telecom operators are constantly challenged to provide ongoing Support & Maintenance services that ensure continuous operation and minimize the downtime.

Our S&M highly qualified maintenance teams, equipped with onsite problem solving skills & tools, meet the operators SLA’s for fixing unexpected sites' downtime.

Around the clock Preventive and Corrective maintenance services for all remote sites' elements including Civil, Telecom and Electromechanical services.

Civil & Environmental
  • Sites’ Modification (reallocation, redesign….etc)
  • Maintenance of Towers and Steel Supporting Structures
  • S&M of Mobile Sites “Cells On Wheel”
  • Installation and Alignment of MWD & RDU
  • Installation and Maintenance of Antenna line system
  • GSM Sites’/Systems’ Enhancement
  • Modernization (2G/3G upgrading)
  • Maintenance for A/C systems, fire alarm and fire fighting systems
  • S&M, fueling and rent for Generator sets
  • Overhaul and major repairs for generator sets
  • Installation, S&M of Solar Systems
Facilities Management
  • Property Security & Maintenance
  • Property operation
  • Vital Operating Environments Management

Field Maintenance Services

Himtel Tech is a player for Telecom Maintenance Services with its expertise, experience and expert squad. Technical Field Maintenance is performed to achieve optimum lifecycle of active and passive equipment and ensure working of site on 24/7 basis.

Technical Field Maintenance activities are divided into two different activities:

Corrective Maintenance

It is a maintenance task to identify and rectify the latest problem within time period according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) and ensure further stable operation of site on 24/7 basis by the support of experienced and well-educated field engineers.

By Corrective Maintenance activities, the main aims are to achieve:

  • Stability of Customer’s network
  • Reliability of Customer’s network
  • Satisfaction of Customer with performance of network
  • End-user satisfaction

Corrective Maintenance is mainly performed for the following parts of network:

  • Customer’s TI equipment installed on sites (BTS 2G, Node-B 3G)
  • Power Supply System (both AC and DC parts, including Fixed Diesel Generator, if installed)
  • Antenna feeder system
  • MW Transmission system (PDH & SDH)
  • Optical Fiber Routes – underground and overheads
  • Satellite system/equipment
  • DWDM equipment
  • MUXes

Preventive Maintenance

It is a planned maintenance activity, mostly performed once per year, which ensures proper operation of all active equipment installed, extension of lifecycle of active and passive equipment and normal operation on 24/7/365 days basis in future.

Preventive Maintenance activity includes tests, measurements, adjustments, and parts replacement, performed specifically to prevent faults from occurring.

Mainly, Preventive Maintenance is performed for the following parts:

Active Equipment:

  • Customer’s TI equipment installed on sites (BTS 2G, Node-B 3G)
  • Antenna feeder system
  • MW Transmission system (PDH & SDH)
  • Optical Fiber Routes – underground and overheads
  • Satellite system/equipment
  • DWDM equipment
  • MUXes

Passive Equipment and Infrastructure:

  • Power Supply System (both AC and DC parts, including Fixed Diesel Generator, if installed)
  • Power plants
  • Battery banks
  • Solar panels
  • Voltage stabilizers
  • Transformers (11kVA, 25kVA, etc.)
  • Shelter infrastructure
  • BTS room infrastructure
  • Tower and its infrastructure
  • Grounding system
  • Civil infrastructure
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