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Himtel || Towers Supply


Towers Supply

Active telecom equipment such as Microwave Antennas or Radio Antennas is placed on tall structures to maximize signal scattering. Himtel offers a variety of telecom towers for this purpose. Himtel designs and fabricates self supporting towers, Guyed towers and other antenna support structures. Himtel also designs and supplies all tower accessories and provides full technical support and consultant services.


Accessories and ancillaries required to complement the different types of towers are regularly manufactured to provide protection, support antenna mounting and fixing and facilitate operations and maintenance. Among the various accessories we supply are Horizontal feeder gantries, Antenna support systems, Aerial mountings, Anti-climb guards, Special platforms, Lightning protection systems, Fences and Climbing ladders equipped with safety cages.

Design, Standards & Safety

Premium quality GSM/CDMA and Microwave towers, designed and constructed in compliance with International standards for RF towers; safety measures are implemented and full warranty provided.


Tower wind loading and structural analysis are carried out in accordance with TIA, NTA, ISO, NSO Standards; other National/International codes are also adopted when required by the client. 10 years warranty for all towers is offered, covering repairs, spare part replacement and fixes for damages caused by high speed winds up to fifty meters per second (3 second gust).


Based on accurate site based Meteorological and Geological analysis, specialized teams design and construct foundations and structures suitable for any location around the globe. Standard design specifications include Angle bolted construction towers, Shear connections Brace and leg joints, Nut, single coil spring lock washer & bolts (material grade 8.8 according to EN 20898) and 5 nuts, 4 washers Anchor bolts (material grade S355 JR according to EN 10025). All parts are manufactured from galvanized steel (EN or BS standards).


Himtel products are designed to provide optimal site safety with minimal exposure to hazards, starting from production right through site installation and maintenance. The inclusion of anti-falling structures, internal ladders and indicative safety markings ensure safe and efficient tower installation. In addition, Himtel offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure the safest installation; these range from tower installation and assembly supervision, through to site maintenance and logistics and expert advice.

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